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“KNOW THYSELF” has occupied our minds for millennia. Our world could never use the truth behind the term more than now. Enensa Amen details how the ancients mastered knowledge of self as a tool to achieve history’s longest span of prosperity and socio-economic stability. The wisdom of Ancient Kemet holds keys to Modern Progress. Black Pharaoh demonstrates the genetic Africanity of the Ancient Egyptians and decrypts the Ancients’ socio-cultural code rendering it useful for modern thought-leaders.

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Leveraging an in-depth survey of journal-published genetic studies dating back three decades, Enensa Amen demonstrates that the Nile Valley's genetic genealogical base is in fact indigenously "Black African" - connecting with ancestral kin in Horn Africa, connecting with South-African Khoisan-speakers, and connecting with Chadic-speakers in the Sahel. Furthermore, alignment of the cosmologies of Kamit and Bantu Africans reveals a common origin that unites the socio-cultural roots of the Niger Crescent, the Eastern Rift and the Nile Valley peoples.

Black Pharaoh volume 1 Book Release

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Studying Kamitic cosmology with Ra Un Nefer Amen for seventeen years, E. Amen, in this debut text, enables a new depth of interpretive discourse surrounding key artifacts, both physical and cultural. As a disciple of Cheikh Anta Diop, the author adapts modern anthropology to a historiographical mode that will serve useful for an improved inquiry into Nilotic antiquity. And, in the tradition of Dr. Molefi K. Asante, E. Amen seeks to bridge the epistemological gaps that maintain crippling wedges between African Diasporan and Occidental scholars and societies.

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